a tablet game for cats


Purnau is a tablet game designed for cats.

I was the visual lead and responsible for animation, graphics, 3D modeling, UI design and audio quality control.

We found through data analysis that people who own tablets and people who own cats have similarities: they are urban renters who are well educated and have +75k full time jobs.

With hundreds of millions of cats and tablets in the world, we knew we had a good player base ready.

The game was made with Unity and Blender in three weeks by a team of four developers.

Our goal was to make Purnau lightweight and easily engaging.

Cats have very different senses and cognitive capability from humans, which meant that a large part of our time went into researching all our limitations.

We created two different environments, one with fish and one with ants. 

In the future we would like to add a feature which would allow the owners to see their cats progress. Currently Purnau only has a hit counter.