Triomega Kids

a tablet game for kids

Triomega Kids

During my internship we made three small games for a brand of fish oil chewables for children +5 years. 

I was in charge of graphics and animation, as well as restyling the Triomega characters.

The original style is visible in the product package.

We made three mini games:

an endless runner, a collect-and-avoid and a memory game. 

The client wished for a text free experience, so I designed a very minimal UI with simple circle elements to suit the underwater style.

Kids are all different, but learn new techniques very quickly. 

The games have three difficulty levels so all kids can feel good about their current abilities, 

with still something to strive for.

Triomega Kids is free and available on Android,  iOS and WP. 

I’m proud to say it is a top quality game in it’s genre.